• Winter Squash Soup

    Nov 14th 2022

    Winter Squash Soup

    Winter squash soup is one of our favorite dishes to make in fall and winter. You can cook it up in a crock pot or in a soup pot on the stove. I like the crock pot because I can walk away & let it c…

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  • Mom’s Apple Cobbler

    Oct 30th 2022

    Mom’s Apple Cobbler

    Introducing Mom's Apple Cobbler, a delicious nutritious apple treat! As the name suggests, this is my Mom's fabulous recipe, and I'm passing it on to you to share the apple love. Use a good baking…

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  • An Autumn Equinox Meditation

    Sep 21st 2022

    An Autumn Equinox Meditation

    The Autumn Equinox Arrives!"Equi" – equal, "Nox" – night, means equal lengths of night and day, the amount of time the sun spends above and below the horizon. Changes in day/night length and seasons o…

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  • Easy Chia Pudding

    Sep 7th 2022

    Easy Chia Pudding

    Chia pudding is a delicious, easy & nutritious breakfast or dessert. You can make it dairy-free, it's gluten-free, and it can take on many different flavors! The chia seed + milk combination provid…

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  • 3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Aug 12th 2022

    3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Free Nature Apps for Learning & Exploring!If you're looking for help identifying plants, birds, fungi & insects, this post is for you! We'll discuss some of the top free nature apps you can use to dee…

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  • Summer Pesto

    Jun 22nd 2022

    Summer Pesto

    Welcome warm days and lush growth with delicious, healthy Summer Pesto! If you've had fresh pesto, you know the taste of summer (although we eat it all year!). Fresh herbs and garlic, blended up wit…

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  • Healthy Truffles

    May 2nd 2022

    Healthy Truffles

    With these recipes, "healthy truffles" is not a contradiction in terms! These treats are made with just a few raw whole-food ingredients and they deliver a dreamy dose of protein, carbs, fat and fib…

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  • Breathe Yourself to Sleep!

    Apr 7th 2022

    Breathe Yourself to Sleep!

    You're far from alone if you have trouble sleeping. Our modern lifestyles, combined with local & global stressors, can make it tough to get restful sleep. In a previous post, we shared healthy habits…

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  • Get Better Sleep!

    Mar 28th 2022

    Get Better Sleep!

    Good, consistent sleep is essential for rest, repair and rejuvenation. Still, many of us find a good night's sleep elusive! Our bodies are actually hard at work while we sleep. Here are some of the…

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  • Quick Banana-Oat Pancakes

    Mar 15th 2022

    Quick Banana-Oat Pancakes

    Quick Banana-Oat Pancakes We love pancakes, especially when they're not grain and dairy-heavy. A great pancake recipe provides a mix of protein, carbs, fat and fiber. And any great recipe should be…

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  • Beet-Apple Smoothie

    Feb 9th 2022

    Beet-Apple Smoothie

    My friend Ellen, of Inspired Living, recently shared this Beet-Apple smoothie recipe with me. It's a delicious winter health drink that's good in the morning for a light breakfast and to help get the…

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  • How to Plan a Green Burial

    May 14th 2021

    How to Plan a Green Burial

    Sustainable Dying Part 3: How to Plan a Green BurialWhat's the flip-side of sustainable living? Sustainable dying of course! Although not necessarily easy to contemplate, giving death some thought now…

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