Hi, we're Anne Altor and Ed LaPlante of One Earth Body Care. We'd like to tell you about our mission and story...

Our mission at One Earth Body Care is to provide fabulous body care products made with respect for the Earth, and to reduce plastic & other toxins in everyday life. Our vision is to bring Earth care into Body care and beyond, and to catalyze positive change and stewardship of self, community and planet. We're committed to:

Our Story

Kitchen & Back-Porch Magic

One childhood summer in Pennsylvania, Anne's mom initiated a back-porch science project – making soap in a big steaming cauldron with lard from the local butcher and lye from the hardware store. After much stirring, we shaped the magical mixture into lumpy balls of soap dyed with food coloring. Although there were no fancy essential oils to scent it or special fats to make it luxurious, this transformation of raw materials into an everyday product was vividly etched into memory…

A Passion For Ecology

Anne has been intrigued and enthralled with ecosystems and their creatures from a young age. She spent lots of time outside as a child, watching caterpillars, butterflies, fireflies and tadpoles. She also had an early interest in natural health, essential oils and herbs, which she used to create personalized potions and fragrances. Anne came to recognize that human activity was jeopardizing the planet, and she followed her passion for the Earth to earn a doctorate in Environmental Science, with a focus on wetlands ecology and soil science. Anne worked in consulting and academia until 2017, while enjoying product and potion formulation as a hobby and small side business. In 2017 she shifted her energy full time to the hands-on pursuits of planet-conscious product formulation, along with blogging about issues in "Everyday Ecology." This combines her love of ecology with her interest in Earth-minded solutions to common challenges and needs.

The Beginnings of the Business

Around 2012, Anne cooked up a skin balm for rock climbers. This product helped heal and soothe dry & damaged skin and it became a hit in regional climbing gyms. When she started making cold-process soap in 2015, Anne realized that many body care products are made with unsustainable conflict ingredients, especially palm oil. The mountains of plastic in body-care aisles also emphasized the need for ethical, responsibly packaged body care products. Anne started blogging more seriously to share ideas about body care and ecology, and the momentum began to grow.

A Business Partner

By then, Ed LaPlante had stepped into the picture. Ed brings a strong background in entrepreneurship and business analysis, as well as an engineering mind to the partnership. In addition, Ed brims with enthusiasm for engaging with people and helping find solutions to their everyday challenges. He is passionate about providing products that respect the planet and that help people look and feel amazing. One Earth Body Care LLC grew out of our shared desire to combine science, ecology, natural health and problem-solving, and to help people understand the connections between self care and the health of the Earth. Our goal is to provide people with body care options they can feel great about and that feel great to use.

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Love the Earth and want to help create a sustainable world

Want to take charge of their own health

Want to feel and smell great naturally

Want fabulous body care products with responsible packaging