• How to Help Native Bees

    Dec 3rd 2022

    How to Help Native Bees

    Hello Friend of Pollinators! Thanks for your interest in how to help native bees.Our last post introduced the fascinating world of native bees, honey bees, and threats to bee populations. That knowled…

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  • Native Bees: Why They Matter

    Dec 2nd 2022

    Native Bees: Why They Matter

    Why A Post About Native Bees?Winter's moving in, flowers are done blooming (at least in northern areas), so why think about bees and pollination right now? Well, lots of reasons! For some of us, seed…

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  • 3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Aug 12th 2022

    3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Free Nature Apps for Learning & Exploring!If you're looking for help identifying plants, birds, fungi & insects, this post is for you! We'll discuss some of the top free nature apps you can use to dee…

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  • How to Feed Hummingbirds!

    Jul 19th 2018

    How to Feed Hummingbirds!

    Hummingbirds are easy to love! Tiny, brilliant and brave, they light up my day every time I see one! Here are some interesting facts about hummingbirds: They have the fastest metabolism of any animal…

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  • A Visit to D Acres Permaculture Farm

    Feb 11th 2018

    A Visit to D Acres Permaculture Farm

    Welcome sign at the west entrance to D AcresAfter reading about D Acres Community Permaculture Farm, I was excited to have the opportunity to visit for their monthly Farm Feast Breakfast and farm tou…

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  • An Introduction to Permaculture

    Feb 1st 2018

    An Introduction to Permaculture

    Can we not just achieve sustainability, but go beyond it too? Permaculture suggests that we can, and that our survival depends on it. Permaculture, broadly defined, is the practice of designing and in…

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  • Why Birds Need Fresh Water in Winter

    Jan 6th 2018

    Why Birds Need Fresh Water in Winter

    Winter bird feeding is about more than providing food! Although frozen, snow-capped creeks and ponds may be beautiful, cold winters mean extra challenges for birds. Water can be hard to find in suburb…

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