• Golden Milk, a Healthy Drink

    Mar 8th 2024

    Golden Milk, a Healthy Drink

    Golden Milk, a Healthy DrinkMy friend Kelly (of Forevermore Bouquet Preservation) recently introduced me to Golden Milk. It's a delicious blend of warm spices (usually turmeric, ginger, cinnamon &…

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  • Beyond Oatmeal: DIY Breakfast Mix

    Nov 7th 2023

    Beyond Oatmeal: DIY Breakfast Mix

    Beyond Oatmeal DIY Breakfast MixDo you like a breakfast that's energizing, delicious, healthy, fast and economical? If so, try making your own breakfast mix. You'll save a lot of money compared to the…

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  • How Natural Deodorant Works

    Aug 24th 2023

    How Natural Deodorant Works

    To develop an effective formula for natural deodorant, it’s important to understand what causes body odor. This post shares some sweaty details about what causes BO and how natural deodorant works. Re…

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  • Simple Summer Soup

    Aug 7th 2023

    Simple Summer Soup

    Simple Summer SoupSummer is high time for fresh vegetables! If you have a garden or CSA share, shop at local farmer's markets or barter with neighbors, you might have access to an abundance of summer…

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  • Watermelon-Mint Slushie

    Jul 18th 2023

    Watermelon-Mint Slushie

    Watermelon Mint SlushieSummer is here! We have smoke, heat, and (in New England) more rain than perhaps ever. And we're lucky to have watermelons too! My friend Kelly of Be Kind Anyway Pressed Flowers…

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  • Weed Soup

    Jun 21st 2023

    Weed Soup

    Spring and Summer provide abundant greens that you might not have thought about eating. The truth is, you can eat many plants that are considered "weeds," and they're not only free, they're nutrient-d…

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  • Breathe Yourself to Sleep!

    Apr 7th 2022

    Breathe Yourself to Sleep!

    You're far from alone if you have trouble sleeping. Our modern lifestyles, combined with local & global stressors, can make it tough to get restful sleep. In a previous post, we shared healthy habits…

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  • Get Better Sleep!

    Mar 28th 2022

    Get Better Sleep!

    Good, consistent sleep is essential for rest, repair and rejuvenation. Still, many of us find a good night's sleep elusive! Our bodies are actually hard at work while we sleep. Here are some of the…

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  • Make your own reusable tissues

    Jul 13th 2017

    Make your own reusable tissues

    Here's a simple way to save trees, waste and money. If the idea of using a tree to blow your nose doesn't sit well with you, make your own reusable tissues! It's simple, cheap, upcycles old cloth a…

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