• The Science Behind our Shampoo Bars

    Sep 19th 2023

    The Science Behind our Shampoo Bars

    The Science Behind our Shampoo BarsWant to know how and why One Earth shampoo bars work so well? This post describes the science behind the suds! We discuss pH and why it matters, surfactants and what…

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  • How Natural Deodorant Works

    Aug 24th 2023

    How Natural Deodorant Works

    To develop an effective formula for natural deodorant, it’s important to understand what causes body odor. This post shares some sweaty details about what causes BO and how natural deodorant works. Re…

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  • What is Plastic?

    Jan 25th 2023

    What is Plastic?

    What is Plastic?Most of us probably have dozens of items around us that are made from plastic, but what is plastic actually? And why are we so focused on helping people reduce their use of plastic? Th…

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  • Know Your Alcohols!

    Mar 17th 2021

    Know Your Alcohols!

    Know your Alcohols!Not just cabernet from malbec, single malt from bourbon (although that's great too!) Alcohols are a diverse class of compounds. Some are liquid at room temperature, others are solid…

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  • All About Shampoo Bars

    Jul 9th 2019

    All About Shampoo Bars

    All About Shampoo Bars Do you cringe when you buy hair-care products in plastic bottles? Do you wonder where the ingredients in your shampoo come from? Good news: We're here to tell you all abou…

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  • What is Soap?

    Mar 3rd 2019

    What is Soap?

    Have you ever wondered what soap is, or been curious about the science behind the bubbles? The magical kettle of soapy stew holds lessons in science for me and you! You don't have to be a…

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  • An Introduction to Essential Oils

    Oct 20th 2017

    An Introduction to Essential Oils

    An Introduction to Essential Oils Many of us use essential oils daily. But what are they, and why are they so powerful and compelling? What makes them essential, and what makes them oils? Essential oi…

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