• Earth Day 2024

    Apr 19th 2024

    Earth Day 2024

    EARTH DAY 2024 We've been reflecting on what it means to us to celebrate Earth Day. The main sentiment that comes up is that we are Earth. Each of us and all of us. We believe that recognizi…

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  • Help an Amphibian Cross the Road!

    Mar 27th 2023

    Help an Amphibian Cross the Road!

    It's Spring, the time when amphibians wake up with early spring rains. You don't often see them, but the woods are home to multitudes of salamanders, toads and frogs. These cold-blooded creatures c…

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  • What is Plastic?

    Jan 25th 2023

    What is Plastic?

    What is Plastic?Most of us probably have dozens of items around us that are made from plastic, but what is plastic actually? And why are we so focused on helping people reduce their use of plastic? Th…

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  • How to Help Native Bees

    Dec 3rd 2022

    How to Help Native Bees

    Hello Friend of Pollinators! Thanks for your interest in how to help native bees.Our last post introduced the fascinating world of native bees, honey bees, and threats to bee populations. That knowled…

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  • Native Bees: Why They Matter

    Dec 2nd 2022

    Native Bees: Why They Matter

    Why A Post About Native Bees?Winter's moving in, flowers are done blooming (at least in northern areas), so why think about bees and pollination right now? Well, lots of reasons! For some of us, seed…

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  • An Autumn Equinox Meditation

    Sep 21st 2022

    An Autumn Equinox Meditation

    The Autumn Equinox Arrives!"Equi" – equal, "Nox" – night, means equal lengths of night and day, the amount of time the sun spends above and below the horizon. Changes in day/night length and seasons o…

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  • 3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Aug 12th 2022

    3 Fabulous Free Nature Apps

    Free Nature Apps for Learning & Exploring!If you're looking for help identifying plants, birds, fungi & insects, this post is for you! We'll discuss some of the top free nature apps you can use to dee…

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  • How to Plan a Green Burial

    May 14th 2021

    How to Plan a Green Burial

    Sustainable Dying Part 3: How to Plan a Green BurialWhat's the flip-side of sustainable living? Sustainable dying of course! Although not necessarily easy to contemplate, giving death some thought now…

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  • The Afterlife: Sustainable Dying

    Feb 9th 2021

    The Afterlife: Sustainable Dying

    Sustainable Living and the Afterlife: Sustainable DyingSustainable living, when it comes full circle, goes hand in hand with sustainable dying. In seeking ways to give back to the Earth, let's remembe…

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  • The Afterlife, Part 1: Buried Costs

    Jan 25th 2021

    The Afterlife, Part 1: Buried Costs

    The Cycle of Life.The Afterlife, Part 1. The dark days of winter (in the midst of a pandemic) seem like an apropos time to reflect on life and death. In some ways, reflecting on death can help us keep…

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  • Interconnection and Interdependence

    Jul 4th 2020

    Interconnection and Interdependence

    A Declaration of Interconnection and Interdependence4th of July, 2020 True "independence" is a misperception. The great exchange of breath and substance between plants, animals and all kingdoms of li…

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