Everyday Actions that can Make a Difference!

Everyday Actions that can Make a Difference!

Published by Anne Altor on Dec 17th 2017

Everyday Actions that can Make a Difference: a Recap of Recent Blog Posts!

One focus of this blog is on learning about the impacts of everyday choices made by people in consumer-driven societies. This week, I've compiled some of our favorite posts about actions we can take to live in cooperation with the ecosystems we're part of. Let's keep learning about the connections between our lifestyle choices and the health of the planet. And let's strive to live in ways that respect all life! What does this mean to us at One Earth Body Care? It means, in part, that the products we create are made with respect for the planet as well as for natural health. You can read more about our soap here, and about our hair-care products here. For info on the non-profits we support, check out this link.

How to Protect Birds from Hitting your Windows!

Flying into windows kills millions of birds every year, but you can stop them from flying into yours! This post describes ways to make your home more bird-friendly!

Support Legislation to Protect Birds and Ecosystems

Make your voice heard! Let lawmakers know you care about legislation that would help birds and protect ecosystems!

How to Mow to Save Gas and Protect Habitat!

Maintaining a grassy lawn is polluting and takes away needed wildlife habitat. Here are mowing strategies that intersperse grass with food and shelter for pollinators we need to produce flowers and food!

Use Leaves to Improve Your Yard

Leaf litter replenishes soil, creates food for birds, and keeps weeds down. Removing leaves deprives the ecosystem of a needed resource. Here are some ways to use leaves in your yard!

Ways to Cut Off Junk Mail

Millions of trees are destroyed every year for junk mail we don't even want to read. It's not easy to stop the flow, but here are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of junk mail you receive!

Don't Flush Trees: Use Recycled Toilet Paper!

According to National Geographic, almost 30,000 trees are flushed down the toilet every day. It's easy to use recycled toilet paper! Here are some options!

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