Monarchs Arrive at Overwintering Grounds!

Monarchs Arrive at Overwintering Grounds!

Published by Anne Altor on Nov 7th 2018

The first sighting of a monarch arriving in an overwintering area was announced yesterday!

We raised monarchs this year and are excited to hear that monarchs are reaching their wintering grounds west of Mexico City!

Monarch butterfly migration, monarch overwintering, habitat, pollinators

Monarchs, By Samuel from Toluca, Mexico – Creative Commons

Let's celebrate the amazing achievement of these butterflies,

who survived from egg to adult and across thousands of miles of flight. And let's continue to do what we can in whatever space we have to help their migration continue in the future.  Here are some resources to help:

Create a Monarch Waystation

Plant milkweed

Create a pollinator garden

Map of the monarch migration

News and information about monarch migration

monarch overwintering, habitat, pollinators

Creative Commons photo by S.B. Weiss. Winter roosting habitat at Monarch Biosphere Reserve, Mexico.

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