Take Action to Make Federal Buildings Bird Safe!

Take Action to Make Federal Buildings Bird Safe!

Published by Anne Altor on Oct 3rd 2017

If you read our post about making windows bird safe,

  you know about the huge problem of bird collisions with buildings. And, you learned about how you can protect birds in your space. Large-scale solutions are also needed, and the American Bird Conservancy is working hard on this issue. The fall issue of Bird Conservation discusses legislation introduced to help birds and protect ecosystems. The bipartisan Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act would require bird-safe windows and lighting to be installed on new and existing federal buildings. This Act was first introduced to Congress in 2010 by Representative Mike Quigley of Illinois and was reintroduced this May (2017). Twenty representatives currently cosponsor the bill.

Our legislators need to know what we care about!

Follow the link below to petition your representatives to support the Federal Bird-Safe Buildings Act. One minute of your time on this could help save millions of birds!

Two other important conservation bills also need our support right now:

The Migratory Birds of the Americas Conservation Act

would provide critical help to species in decline. Petition your representatives to support reauthorization of this act here:

The Saving America's Pollinators Act of 2017

 would suspend registration of neonicotinoid pesticides, which kill pollinators, birds and aquatic invertebrates. Make your voice heard on this issue! The link is below:

if we stay silent on these issues,

much avoidable suffering and destruction will continue to occur. Much work has been done to understand and bring attention to critical issues in species and ecosystem conservation. Let's do our part to support these efforts at home and on the legislative front!

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