Shampoo Bar for Medium Hair

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  • Big lather!
  • With mango seed butter for light conditioning & frizz control
  • Essential oils, no artificial fragrances
  • Gentle & color-safe. pH ~5
  • Reduces plastic! Equals ~24 liquid oz
  • Choose this bar if you shampoo 3-4 x / week
  • Organic Ingredients

  • No Animal Testing

  • Donation for Every Purchase

  • No Plastics

  • Compostable Packaging

Product Details

What is it? Shampoo bar for medium (balanced or combination) hair that leaves your hair soft, manageable and light. Soap-free, made with a blend of 3 coconut-based cleansers for great lather and gentle cleansing with no buildup.

Who is it for? A great choice for you if you wash your hair 3 to 4 times per week, and your hair feels neither oily nor dry.

pH Balance: Formulated at pH ~5. This lets the hair cuticle lie flat to resist breakage and static, maximize natural shine and protect color treatments.

Highlighted Ingredients: Mango seed butter for light conditioning. Silicone free, paraben-free, free from artificial fragrances. Rainforest friendly and free from palm oil derivatives like sodium lauryl sulfate.

Other Helpful Info: Each 1.9-oz bar lasts about 40 washes and keeps 1 to 2 plastic bottles from going into the ocean or landfill. The shampoo bar is packaged in a compostable cardboard box.

Net wt. 1.9 oz / 54 g.

How to Use

1. Wet your hair.
2. Rub bar gently across hair / scalp to produce lather.
3. Set bar down. Massage hair and scalp to distribute shampoo.
4. Rinse!
5. (Suggested) Follow with One Earth Body Care conditioner bar

To maximize the life of your shampoo bar, keep the bar on a draining dish or shower caddy away from standing water.


Sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium coco sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, behentrimonium methosulfate, sodium lactate, mango seed butter, lavender oil, organic lemongrass oil, citric acid, organic turmeric.

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17 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Melody on Nov 6th 2023

    I've tried quite a few shampoo bars and this is my favorite! It lathers like no other, leaves my hair feeling cleaner than everything else I've tried, and smells divine! It's awesome and I love it! I like the spearmint scent, but all of the scents are amazing.

  • 5
    Amazing shampoo bar

    Published by Marie Parker on Oct 10th 2023

    This shampoo bar makes my hair feel so clean and the lather is amazing.

  • 5
    Shampoo bar

    Published by Bonnie and Wayne Bennett on Oct 4th 2023

    We really like this bar. It lathers well, cleans and smells great. It does not burn your eyes.

  • 5
    This shampoo is amazing!!

    Published by Kaylee Hoffman on Sep 23rd 2023

    I’ve been using One Earth Body Care shampoo bars for a couple years now- I’m hooked! This is the only shampoo that leaves my hair feeling this clean and healthy. Even better that it’s eco-friendly and made by folks that care!

  • 5
    Feel good

    Published by Janine on Sep 18th 2023

    I feel good using this product It has a nice lather and scent My hair feels clean AND no waste from bottles! Big win

  • 5
    Quick Suds, Gentle Scent

    Published by Kent on Sep 9th 2023

    The suds come up quick! If you're worried about having a heavy scent lingering on your hair - don't. Since these are made with natural essential oils (vs fragrance), the scent is mild, and doesn't stick to your hair after showering. I have the Fir scent. I also like to use this as a 'body bar'. It's nice to have something that does it all. But, I'd also get a conditioner bar to round out and complete your hair care routine. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    Shampoo Bar

    Published by Jim on Sep 4th 2023

    Amazing amount of lather with just a few passes. Love the compact size/lack of liquid filler. It's going to be perfect for our upcoming travels.

  • 5
    Beyond expectations!

    Published by LB on Aug 16th 2023

    I have never had a hair product that is this amazing! I get so many compliments on how healthy my hair is and I use literally nothing but this amazing shampoo! I found it by chance at a garden expo and I can’t stop bragging about it! It’s super easy to use, takes just a couple seconds to lather up and it rinses like a dream. My hair feels clean, smooth and silky. And isn’t tangled at all and I have very long hair. You certainly won’t be disappointed with this product!

  • 5
    Sudsy Convenience

    Published by Emily on Aug 5th 2023

    I've been using this for years, highly recommend. I like my shampoo sudsy and this one delivers with minimal effort. I use far less product than I did with liquid shampoo. Amazing for travel as well, I just throw both a shampoo and conditioner bar into a regular bar soap travel container. It takes up far less space and isn't liquid so can be carried on (I used to use too much traditional shampoo and conditioner that it was hard to bring 4 oz or less). I'll never go back to liquid shampoo or conditioner!

  • 5
    best for hair care

    Published by Allison on Aug 4th 2023

    what really sells product is proper hair care and ecologically-mindful/responsible packaging